we were so in love 

i dont understand what happened 

you had me wide open

than you broke me 

every ounce of me was in pain

how could someone who once claimed to love you so much

completely break you like no other

but i know that even tho im broken inside 

that it wont last 

because no pain last forever

my bestfriend angel who moved to Chino

its sad really

the way i kept going back to you because i thought you would b better. its sad that my whole entire thought process is consumed by you. your all i think about , i cant find myself to like any other person other than you, even wen i try to get over you i cant and i know its becasue im in love with you. i love everything about you physically and mentally . 

i love they way you smile ALL the time. even when im mad at you you still smile at me with those bright brown eyes and that mouth that has the worlds biggest smile. 

i love the way you make those silly faces when im trying to be serious

i love the way you make those voices to make me happy

i love the way that your generally a good guy [ but i hate the way you let all  the fucked up shit thats going on in your life influence how you act and think now]

i love the way you , walk and talk /: 

i love the way you let nothing stop you from your music the way you get lost in your music the way that you can tune out all the bullshit by just playing your guitar

i love so much about you 

but i fucking hate you

i hate the cold heartless person you have become

i hate the fuck that you can hurt me so effortlessly 

i hate the fact that you say “i love you” but act like you dont

i hate the fact that i keep going back to you and letting you hurt me.

i hate the fact that you lie , omfg you lie so much and so well , [why cant you tell the truth and be real] 

i hate you so fucking much for not being there for my the times i needed you much

but really i think i hate me even more for still loving you and not being able to be mad at you. i hate that i cant seem to get you off my mind, i cant seem to erase you from my heart .

i fell in love with you when i was 13 /: i was 13 when i found out what love was. i never looked back from than . i was so thankful that i had found someone who broke me out of the depression spell someone who awakened my senses . someone who showed me what it is to feel again. someone who showed me that love was possible. 

its been 4 years since i fell in love with you and in those for years my heart has felt a great deal of sorrow and happiness. 

i love you so much and it hurts me to know that you dont love me the same, that you can hurt me, fuck it hurts so badly. 

but i knw soon the pain will fade and i wont be hurt anymore /: 

but i hate you so fucking much your a fucking piece of shit asshole who doesnt care about anyone but himself -.- 

fuck >:o i hate you my blood boils at the thought of how your so horrible now 

idk why i spent my time writing this theres a 90 % chance you will not see this , i dont even know the point of this, i guess i just needed to express myself , its sad that even with this i didnt epress whats really on my mind /: i guess i never will. i guess we will live our seperate lives , but why should i take something so serious i have my whole life ahead of me. why should i take one shit relationship so serious  [yolo], mayb this was my final goodbye , maybe just maybe it will b our first real hello. fuck im babaling now about nothing. 

goodnight tumblr :P 

me at warped tour 2011